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A RMC Consortium meting is organised for 15 March 2011.
11 Mar 2011
REACH Metal Carboxylates (Driers & Catalysts) Consortium has been launched
10 Mar 2011

Consortium Information

The Consortium is managed through a Steering Group comprising all manufacturers and/or importers who joined to register their substances (Regular Members). The research programme is coordinated by the Working Group, and the costs are shared according to principles of fairness, transparency and non-discrimination laid down in the Consortium Agreements and applied by the Consortium Steering Group. The Consortium is being managed to reduce industry-wide costs of compliance and avoid duplication of effort by individual companies.

The Consortium Steering Group/Working Group meets twice a year in person at a full meeting, and also holds regular teleconference call meetings (e.g. every two months). Project teams and Task groups, may also be formed by volunteers, if there is a need for work on specific topics and tasks.

More information about the structure of the RMC Consortium can be acquired by downloading the Consortium Agreement. Details on the funding principles of the Consortium and the cost sharing of different types of expenses are provided in the Funding structure document.

Substances covered by the RMC Consortium

Please download the RMC Substance List for information on which substances are currently covered by the Consortium.

If you are interested in joining the RMC consortium please contact the Secretariat at: Please list the particular substances (including EINECS number) that your company is interested in registering, the corresponding tonnage bands, the uses, as well as any other pertinent information or related questions.

If you wish to receive more information about the RMC Consortium, and for any other enquiries please contact the Secretariat at: